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Amazing Wonders Guide to Japan, Begin by discovering the ancient temples and district of Geishas in the historic east of Kyoto. Then drive in the comfort of your own pace to venture on a scenic drive
through the surrounding mountainous countryside. Visit old towns where centuries-old traditional life still continues today and stay in enchanting small hotels where you dress for impeccably presented dinners in traditional kimonos with hardly a tourist in sight. Finally, you return to an idyllic hideaway hotel to visit the glorious Arashiyama valley in the west of Kyoto.
Enjoy following the detailed daily itinerary, travelling comfort at your own pace and stay at some of the most compelling hotels imaginable.

Our guide features outstanding destinations, exceptional hotels and fabulous restaurants with valuable tips and local knowledge to enable you to plan a truly amazing travel experience.

Our journey plans will guide you away from many of the normal tourist routes to discover Japan in a whole new way, with only the most remarkable sites selected for your enjoyment.

Designed for those of you who prefer to travel independently, I luxury journeys arm meticulously prepared and presented day by day with the details to give you the confidence to follow or adapt our recommendations as you wish. Available to view online and in standing print addition, each guide is packed with information to directly book hotels and make travel arrangements at the best online prices.

All our journeys are uniquely created and carefully tested to heighten your travel experience of visiting the most wondrous sites in the world. Our journey plans will guide you away from many of the normal tourist routes to discover Italy in a whole new way, with only the most remarkable sites selected for your enjoyment.

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Your Perfect 14 Day Itinerary

ancient temples zen gardens & mountain valleys

This fabulous experience of Japan is centred on Kyoto, where faith, myth and legend have created one of the most alluring and fascinating cites of the world. With so much to explore throughout Kyoto, your journey of a lifetime starts and finishes in opposite areas of this historic city; separated by a wonderful seven-day scenic drive to discover Japan’s rich mountainous countryside, fascinating towns and unspoilt villages.
All the hotels we have chosen are small, luxury ryokans offering unique experiences from ancient Japanese to contemporary Zen. Far away from the crowds, you will rarely meet other tourists at these enchanting one-off hotels.

Walk through historic lanes to fascinating temples where faith, myth and legend have created Kyoto, one of the most alluring cities of the world and former capital of Japan for over ten centuries.
Experience a wonderful seven-day scenic drive amongst Japan’s rich mountainous countryside to discover enchanting historic sights.
Stay at traditional, luxury ryokans and enjoy dressing in a kimono for exquisitely presented kaiseki dinners.

ancient temples zen gardens & mountain valleys

Our unique guide will tell you when best to visit

Whilst in Kyoto, enjoy walking along with our carefully prepared selection of historic sites, choose from an amazing array of temples and shrines within this cultural wonderland. Again, we’ll show how to keep you away from the crowds.

We have also discovered some of Kyoto’s best small specialist restaurants that we believe will delight, fascinate and charm you.

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Amazing Sights & unforgettable memories

Discover Kyoto

Visiting the historic and cultural sights of Kyoto is collectively one of our favourite Amazing Wonders.
The historic capital of Japan for over ten centuries, famed for its legendary geisha neighbourhood of wooden row houses, tiny canal side lanes, speciality shops, traditional kaiseki restaurants and more captivating Buddhist temples with glorious gardens than you could visit in a month.
Whilst not all the 1600 Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are open to the public, with so much to see within this cultural wonderland, choosing which to visit can be confusing. So, to help you make the most of your time in Kyoto, we have carefully planned four enjoyable walks to a fascinating selection of the most important sights as well as smaller, charming places that are often missed by the crowds.

Featured Restaurants

delightful restaurants, quality food, and evening atmosphere

We feature special restaurants for you to discover along the way. The restaurants are selected for their character and quality of local cuisine where you will enjoy in comfort, the local atmosphere with genuine hospitality.

Several of the fabulous restaurants reside within our featured hotels; others are local discoveries that exude charm where you will escape into a world of culinary delights.

Heavenly Hotels

Our Reviews of Stand out hotels in Japan

We search for hotels offering the finest hospitality in exceptional locations. Our featured hotels seek to avoid a formula; instead they share similar qualities of distinctive design, assured comfort and welcoming service.

Hotel star ratings, spas and infinity pools do not overly influence us. We constantly search for more illusive qualities – hotels created with passion and flair where guests can discover a small piece of heaven that surprises and delights.

A mapped out Journey through Japan

map of your journey

A carefully pinpointed journey is mapped out in the book for you to follow throughout your visit. Soon you be able to download a GPS mapping service to your smart phone or tablet, with our destinations, attractions and featured hotels already pinpointed to serve as your personal navigator.

Explore Japan In A Whole New Way

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Our travel guides are beautifully presented in a comprehensive day-by-day format, designed to heighten your experience of the most amazing sights in the world and help you discover enthralling places ‘off the beaten track’. You can easily book online by using our recommendation of exceptional hotels and perfectly planned agendas with time to savour the whole experience, away from the crowds.

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